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New Pet Exams

Getting a new pet is an exciting time. Whether you have bought a new puppy, kitten, rabbit or pocket pet or you have adopted a rescue pet, we are here to help you keep your pet healthy and safe.

Free adoption exam within 7 days of adopting a pet from a registered shelter or charity. Proof of adoption required

  • Weight check: your pet will be weighed to determine whether he or she is at a normal weight and will require nutritional counseling or exercise recommendations based on their weight.
  • Skin and Eyes: your veterinarian will check your cat or dog’s skin and coat, important as they are often great indicators of a pet’s overall health. When examining the eyes, your veterinarian will check for irregular or abnormal responses to light, discharge, or redness
  • Ears: your veterinarian will also examine the ear flap, deep ear canals, and ear drums for any abnormal smells, redness, the presence of infection foreign bodies or parasites such as ear mites.
  • Nose and Mouth: Your pet’s nose will also be examined by your veterinarian for any abnormal appearance or discharge, before examining the inside of your pet’s mouth to look at dental health and check for any abnormalities with hard palate, dental malocclusions or jaw deformities.
  • Full-Body Review: your veterinarian will manipulate and feel your pet’s legs, joints and abdomen. If a stool sample is available your veterinarian will also perform tests to check for parasites.
  • Heart and Lungs: using a stethoscope, your veterinarian will listen to your pet’s heart and lungs to check for heart murmurs and abnormal lung sounds.
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