Computerised Tomography (CT)

What Is A Veterinary CT Scan?

A CT (computerized tomography) scan is a type of advanced imaging that lets us analyze parts of the body that would usually be inaccessible, like the lungs, abdomen, and ears. A 2D image of a slice or a section of a 3D object it’s often likened to looking at a slice of bread as a sample of the entire loaf.

Our CT scanning facilities are some of the most advanced in Northern California, with a 16-slice scanner that’s capable of carrying out scans in as little as 15 seconds.

CT machine Oakdale Vet

When Might We Require A CT Scan?

Our CT scanner constructs a 3D image of the scanned area. This is extremely valuable in assessing and diagnosing the following:

Musculoskeletal problems – including fractures, joint problems, and growth deformities

Oncology – including metastatic screening, primary tumor identification, and pre-surgical tumor assessment

Head – including nasal diseases, middle and inner ear diseases, trauma, Periocular diseases, and brain tumors

Abdomen – Including vascular anomalies, haemorrhages, organ contusions, and problems with the splenic, pancreatic, adrenal, liver, and urogenital systems

Thorax – including lymph nodes, pulmonary and pleural diseases, complex rib fractures, and mediastinal diseases

Expert Veterinary CT Scan Services

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