Ultrasound is the second most common type of diagnostic imaging tool veterinarians use to diagnose a dog's medical condition. Ultrasound uses non-invasive soundwaves to examine and photograph internal tissues in real-time, providing 3-dimentional images. 

All of our doctors are trained in ultrasound to help manage their cases.

Dr. Callie Cunningham is our most experienced doctor with ultrasound and has completed a Don Low Fellowship at UC Davis. Dr. Cunningham is able to provide a very comprehensive ultrasound exam and report. 

For referring veterinarians:

  • Dr. Cunningham will do a complete abdominal ultrasound, record all images, provide an assessment, and complete a plan for next steps.
  • Obtain fine needle aspirates of masses/spleen/liver or fluid if indicated.
  • She will call you to go over the report and email records to you so that you can continue to manage your patient's care.

Common symptoms that may cause a veterinarian to use ultrasound include vomiting, weight loss, elevations in kidney and liver values, cancer screening, Cushings disease and obtain samples (fluid or needle aspirates) for diagnosis of disease.